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Experience and Innovation

Forever Living Product
Forever Living Products is a one-of-a-kind, life-changing company. And behind this company are some amazing leaders pressing forward. Drawing on years of experience and innovative new ideas, they’re leading this billion-dollar company towards unimagined success.

Rex Maughan, CEO of Forever Living Products.
Rex’s passion inspired him to found Forever Living Products in 1978. He has a degree in Business from Arizona State University and over 40 years of practical experience and leadership. His vision has taken Forever Living Products from a smart idea to a worldwide enterprise that enhances the lives of millions.

Rex Maughan

Chief Executive Officer
Gregg Maughan, President of Forever Living Products.
The youngest son of Rex Maughan, Gregg leads Forever Living Products as the President. He is a graduate of Arizona State University and is fluent in Spanish. He began his career with Forever Living Products 20 years ago when he started at an entry-level position processing orders. He has worked in just about every department and has proven that he has the dedication and tenacity to continue Forever Living’s legacy of stability, growth, and helping others.

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Gregg Maughan

Rjay Lloyd, CFO of Forever Living Products.
“R” brings a level of expertise to Forever Living Products. He is an educated lawyer and a CPA. His level of thoroughness and attention to detail has steered Forever Living Products to its current level of success and stability. Along with his excellent education and experience, R has an instinct that has benefited Forever Living Products for years.

Rjay Lloyd

Executive Senior Vice President
Navaz Ghaswala, Executive Vice President of Forever Living Products.
Navaz has been with Forever Living Products since its inception. Back in 1978 she saw the potential of this idea and she’s had faith in it ever since. Navaz has a robust international background. She was educated in Pakistan and is multi-lingual. She has dedicated her talents and amazing work ethic to Forever Living Products for more than thirty years.

Navaz Ghaswala

Executive Vice President & Secretary

''32 years ago Forever was only a dream. To realize that dream we knew it would take the tremendous efforts of many great people. To that end, we have assembled a team that is unmatched in the business world. At Forever we have built a team that has come together, progressed in its abilities, and now truly defines the word 'success'.''

Rex Maughan

Chairman of the Board,
Chief Executive Officer